The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan

The Pilgrim's Progress

Book Title: The Pilgrim's Progress

Publisher: New Leaf Pr

ISBN: 0890514496

Author: John Bunyan

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John Bunyan with The Pilgrim's Progress

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John Bunyan's A Pilgrim's Progress is a quest story filled with drama, excitement, and adventure. On his journey of a lifetime to the City of Gold, a young man named Christian meets an extraordinary cast of characters, including the terrible giant, Despair, and the monster, Apollyon. Together with Hopeful, his steadfast companion, Christian survives snipers and mantraps, the Great Bog, Vanity Fair, Lucre Hill, and Castle Doubting. But will he find the courage to cross the final river to the City of Gold and his salvation?
This remarkable retelling of the classic novel, by the award-winning children's author Geraldine McCaughrean, brings Bunyan's story to life for a generation of young readers as McCaughrean neatly draws the drama out, gradually allowing the reader to conclude that Christian is not so different from latter day heroes after all. The engaging contemporary illustrations by Jason Cockcroft bring an added poignancy to the story of a youth with a mission in life. This volume is an ideal gift and a great introduction to the full work.